Medical Team

Medical Director

Michele Cox, DO

Founder & Medical Director New Mexico

Dr. Cox is an Anti-Aging & Performance Medicine PhysicianA proud veteran of the Navy and Coast Guard, she received her medical education from the Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Medicine and at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. Her practice is based on experience from serving diverse patient populations in several world-class, healthcare facilities in the United States and abroad. She places her healing emphasis on optimizing the human body at the molecular level. Dr. Cox is driven to redefine and optimize how communities experience hyper-wellness and longevity healthcare.

New Mexico Vessel Team

Kathryn Delgado, FNP

Clinical Manager

Ashley Vigil, RN

Clinical & Aesthetics Nurse

Tiara Fischer, RN

Clinical & Aesthetics Nurse

Anthony Baca, MA

Medical Assistant

Meghan Flaherty, MA

Medical Assistant

Matt Edwards, EMT-I

Emergency Medical Technician

Chelsey Cheshire, RN

Clinical & Aesthetics Nurse

Breeanna mendoza, ma

Medical Assistant

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