Heal your joints and regain freedom to move


Move without pain again as you heal and renew


With movement and reduced pain, nothing can stop your comeback

Living in pain isn't living at all

Your joint really hurts and it's holding you back

You were made for bigger things

First comes the joint pain where we decide to take it easy for a few days, which turns into a few weeks.

The pain doesn't go away and we feel like we have no choice but to accept living with the pain and that's just plain wrong.

knee pain with transparent view of the knee

Live pain free WITHOUT SURGERY 

with regenerative joint therapy

Bust a Move, Not Your Knee

Get the stability back in your joint to move like you used to

Fix Your Joint - Without Surgery

Be the one pushing forward and setting the example

Spend Energy on Fun, Not Toughing It Out

Isn't it about time?

Woman celebrating victory

we are here to help

Hi, we are Vessel Longevity

We understand what it feels like to want more from our lives and health.

Which is why our medical team has created Vessel Longevity, to bring you the most advanced medical techniques to bring you very same therapies that we use for us.

we are vessel longevity

High Attention Health

Our physicians plan and oversee your care, not just talk to you for 5 minutes

Cutting Edge Techniques

We are bringing you the latest developments in anti-aging medicine to keep you young and healthy today

Over 1,750 Clients

We've helped so many other clients with their wellness, nutrition and longevity goals. We can help you too

Regenerative Joint Services

How It Works

Choose Location

Select which Vessel Longevity location is most convenient for you to receive your treatment

Schedule Consult

You either submit your info for call back or we can schedule your consult over the phone

Your Joint Health Plan

We build a custom plan just for your situation to heal your joint

We Take Care Of You

We take care of the rest of the details while you are confident things are about to get better

How amazing will you feel

in just two months?

We also offer

Smiling face after facial

Advanced Facials

Hormone Replacement


Hormone Replacement Therapy

Woman thinking deeply

Cognitive Maintenance

and Restoration

schedule your consult today

So you can

  • Regain your mobility
  • Reduce or eliminate joint pain
  • Live with more energy

Instead of

  • Continuing to live with pain
  • Missing out on all the experiences you say no to now

Vessel Longevity

At Vessel Longevity, we know that you want to be an adventurous and fun person. In order to do that, you need to be active and strong.

The problem is you have joint pain which makes you feel living with pain and slowing down are inevitable. We believe living with pain is just plain wrong.

We understand what it's like to have chronic joint pain which is why we have created the best non-surgical joint pain reduction service in New Mexico.

Here’s how we do it:

  • You schedule a consult
  • We make a plan to get rid of your joint pain
  • We take care of the rest

So schedule your consult today, so you can stop letting pain slow down your life and instead be active and fun again.

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